Welcome to Our Website!

Hello! We are the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA), an organization on the Rice University campus committed to supporting Black graduate students in their academic pursuits on this campus. We strive to provide a safe environment for Black graduate students to voice their concerns and spread awareness of local and national events impacting Black people to the larger Black university community, amongst other initiatives.

Through this page you can stay up to date on our upcoming events, meet our Executive Board, look through photos from past events, and interact with us by email or through our social media.

I would like to thank those who took the time to create the website you are viewing. Thank you to our Executive Board, specifically Ivanova Veras de Jesús and Tobi Babayemi who spearheaded and are the creative backbone to our website. A thanks to Joshua Moore, Chanel Lee, Marquise Bell, Ivanova Veras de Jesús and Kimberly V. Jones for being models for our website stock photos. Thank you to Rice RAW Photography for taking and editing the photos. Finally thank you to the Rice Web Developers, Jon-Paul Estrada and Malcolm Berry for putting all the pieces together.

Without all your help, the website would not be what it is.

Again, welcome to our website! Thank you for stopping by, we are happy to have you here! We hope to continue bolstering the visibility and representation of our community.

Tia Gray

Rice Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) President